The world has a natural beauty that is ours to discover and re-discover.

Our world has a natural beauty which all too often passes by unnoticed. Raffi is the life-style brand that bubbles with colour and energy and is inspired by the unique and rich simplicity of nature. Experience these great Raffi collections with sparkling designs that are both cheerful and stylish. Raffi is a way of life. Surprised, committed and cheerful. Be inspired and let Raffi colour your world as well.
Re-colour your world.

Raffi focuses on various environments, allowing the mission to be spread far and wide. Each area consists of different products for numerous consumer preferences. Raffi creates a bridge between the various products and the pertinent environment. Together they tell a story and reinforce one another.

The name Raffi is a derivation of the name of the archangel Raphael (He who radiates healing).


Raffi develops creative collections for adults and children expressing the energy, power and diversity of nature. We also wish to sing the praises of the conditional beauty of nature, to let us discover it for ourselves (or rediscover it as adults), experience it and embrace it – drawing us closer to fulfilling our deepest desires and cultivating awareness of our own true nature.


We offer contemporary design collections with sensory appeal for adults and children, drawing our inspiration from the rich simplicity of the natural world.

Core Values

- Essence
- Wonder
- Authenticity
- Creativity

Maarten Vrolijk

Maarten Vrolijk is internationally known and his designs are part of the permanent collections of various, well-known museums, such as the Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

"Once there was a little boy. I can suddenly remember myself sitting in the garden with my father and mother, squatting down to look at a tulip beginning to bloom. Or the cherry tree I used to climb, the tree that turned gloriously pink each spring, and with ripe red fruits to pick in summer."

"All my designs have always had a common idea behind them, namely, searching for the essence of the natural world. My wish has always been to capture that essence in a single brand. With Raffi, I want to pair these gorgeous colours and exciting forms found in nature, from flowers for example, with my own imagination and handwriting, and let them mingle to create a contemporary fashionable product."

- Maarten Vrolijk

Raffi & Co B.V.

Raffi was established in 2001 by Maarten Vrolijk and Age Jan Mulder.
Raffi is the property of Raffi & Co B.V., founded in 2005 in Amsterdam.
Raffi & Co B.V. retains all intellectual property rights to the Raffi brand and is responsible for the development of all Raffi products.