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About ordering

Ordering products is a simple procedure. When you want to order an item, click on the “Add to Cart” button to add the product to your shopping cart. When you’re shopping and you would like to add another item to your shopping card, simply click on another category and continue shopping. In your shopping cart all the selected products will be shown. With each product, you can indicate the quantity you want to order. You just change the quantity in the “quantity” box and update the shopping cart. Should you change your mind and not want the product after all, delete the item and update the shopping cart. After doing so, you can continue shopping. When you are finished you can start the payment procedure.

After placing an order, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address, summarising all the specifics of your order. Please note, your e-mail address should be correctly written. As soon as your payment is accepted by the bank, you will receive a payment confirmation. We can then process your order which will be shipped within a couple of days (if in stock).

About payment

Whenever you shop at Raffi we guarantee you a safe and pleasurable shopping experience. We use only the most up to date Internet payment systems in order that you may comfortably shop in a safe environment. Payment can be made via the online cash register of Mollie or Paypall. Mollie offers the payment method: iDeal. Paypal offers Creditcard payment.

  1. via iDEAL (for Dutch bank accounts only) Direct and guaranteed payment via the Internet with your own electronic banking account. iDEAL enables you to purchase directly on the Internet. Just one mouse-click and iDEAL brings you to the trusted Internet banking environment. Rabobank, ABN AMRO, SNS Bank and ING have developed iDEAL. All the internet banking customers of the participating banks can use the system.
  2. via Creditcard Your credit card number will only be visible to the bank, so you won’t have to worry about any kind of abuse of your bank account number as a response to your order. Our site does not store the data but makes use of a very sophisticated encryption technology while sending that data. Credit card payments less than €10,00 will not be accepted.

Raffi does not accept cash on delivery and does not send giro payment slips. If you prefer not to send your personal information over the internet, you can always place an order by phone. In this case, please contact customer service. If you feel your payment has not been processed correctly please verify if your payment has been taken from your bank account or credit card. Otherwise please contact our customer service and mention clearly you’re name, email, phone number and your order number to provide the best service. All prices are mentioned in Euro’s and are including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Prices and typing mistakes are subject to change without notice. No rights can be derived from unlawful price information or the content of the material.

About shipping

The speed of your delivery also depends on the selected payment method. The delivery time of any product may be up to 14 days or as much shorter as possible. The delivery time for wallpaper will be always longer, ie. minimal 2 weeks before shipment will take place. All delivery times specified by Raffi are of an indicative nature only. Raffi is not responsible for any delay caused by TNT. Raffi is even not responsible when an order cannot be delivered because of 'not at home' reasons. TNT will offer the shipment 2 or 3 times. When your order is returned to our fulfilment center, we will get in touch with you. Shipping costs will never be returned when crediting an order because of this reason.

Raffi uses various price categories for fulfillment and shipping. The shipping costs depend on the format, weight and ordered items within the total order. If your shipment fits the mailbox (ie. CD, tickets), you can find the price in the category POST. If your shipment doesn’t’fit the mailbox, you can find the price in the category PARCEL.

fulfilment cost indication The Netherlands

 € 5,00
€ 9,00 - € 14,50 
fulfilment cost indication Belgium

€ 11,25
€ 21,95 - € 27,50
fulfilment cost indication other countries
€ 11,25 - € 27,50

€ 11,25 - € 33,50
Finland, Ireland
€ 11,25 - € 27,50
€ 11,25 - € 27,50
€ 11,25 - € 27,50
€ 11,25 - € 34,75
€ 11,25 - € 27,50
€ 11,25 - € 34,75

€ 11,25 - € 27,50
€ 11,25 - € 34,75
€ 11,25 - € 27,50

About returns

Once you’ve ordered and paid your order will be processed and cannot be changed. Raffi accepts returns, provided that they are returned within 7 days. Important: every item has to be in the original packaging, new and unused. Returns that are damaged, soiled or altered may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer. You will be responsible for shipment costs and any risks during transport. Raffi will not accept returns with insufficient postage. Please include the original packaging note, your full name and address and your bank account number (we will not refund the shipping, taxes and fulfillment costs).

For any questions please contact Raffi. By email: info@raffi.nl. Please mention clearly you’re name, email, phone number and your order number to provide the best service.