The idea

A product should accompany people, inspire emotions, stir memories and make everyday life more beautiful.

Just like any encounter with nature reminds people of the fact that simple things we take for granted are also unusually powerful, every item we use should also have a little secret that it shares with people as soon as they handle it. True beauty is often hidden at the core of things and hinted at by their appearance. Everything in the universe is energy. The made-up name Raffi recalls the archangel Raphael, who remains with people and supports them by guarding the energy that they need in order to heal. In precisely the same way, Raffi applies the power and forces of nature to designing everyday items.

The brand

Raffi is a modern, international lifestyle brand that enriches people’s lives with the product line “my home”. All of the products exhibit Raffi’s unique design language, which evolves from the object’s natural shape and the special details. The “my home” collections follow the examples set by nature, sometimes by way of a large-scale pattern of flowers, sometimes in terms of the colours, always in a contemporary combination of material, design and functionality. Raffi stands for designs that touch people in the same way as the unspoilt beauty of nature does.

Honest and intensive communication has created a close relationship between the products, the brand and people.

The products

Raffi products are of an exceptional quality, their designs are unique and they make everyday life richer. The “my home” category currently encompasses the following product ranges: wallpapers, carpets, tiles, wall paints and furnishing fabrics. All of the products prove that beauty does not have to be expensive or a luxury. Enjoying the beauty of these products just calls for one decision: wanting to be as close as possible to the important things in life in a contemporary way.

The designer

Behind the Raffi brand are designer Maarten Vrolijk and his team. For over 25 years, Maarten Vrolijk has been one of the internationally successful designers who make do without an extroverted distancing effect in their creative work. The Amsterdam-based designer considers it important to elaborate on the simple, unequivocal nature of a product. His design language is so unusual because it consciously plays with shapes, colours and materials in an uncontrived way.?Maarten Vrolijk has a very special and profound relationship with nature. For this reason, he captures the power and honesty of nature and uses these as the essence of his designs.?Many of his works are displayed at, for example, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The studio in Amsterdam has been marketing several product lines under the “Raffi for life” label since 2001.

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