A brief introduction to relaxed living

A contemporary, relaxing home interior does not necessarily mean cool and purist but relies on clearly defined, simple and individual design elements, from walls and floors to furniture and decorative touches. What is important is to create a calm basic style concept for the room right from the beginning. Everyday life demands more than enough complexity from us; it is therefore perfectly alright to have a relaxing and simple home life.

This refers to fabrics and materials with a purposeful, sleek character, to unfussy shapes and a bare minimum of decorative elements. Avoid anything distracting or concealing; anything that hints at something beautiful or enhances the ambience is welcome. Such as, for example, the “rose black and white” wallpaper from the Raffi collection. A contemporary homage to the beauty of the rose yet also a fitting background for a beautifully designed chair.
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This refers to the fact that all objects should be uncomplicated, simple and easy to use. However, it also encompasses quick and easy enjoyment and small, instantaneous pleasures, for example room colours which are enhanced by the sun shining through a window, or walking across a rug barefooted, or just peace and quiet. Simple, uncomplicated living has also rediscovered a rug as the perfect companion for wooden and stone floors. All rugs from the Raffi collection remain in the calm colour spectrum and feature contemporary patterns inspired by nature.
Nevertheless, there is still plenty of scope for personal taste. Displayed, for instance, in the shape or the covering fabric or material of a favourite armchair, with large-scale mirrors or through the choice of whichever type of bed is deemed to provide the most comfortable sleep. Against the background of a calm, reduced interior, “quirky”, unusual elements do not have a jarring effect, they are simply fun. Yet the overall style still looks effortless. Raffi paints cannot only be used to personalise walls; they can also be used to paint wooden or metal furniture. Add a very personal touch to a wall, a favourite corner or a whole room with Raffi paints.
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