Fresh paint! Easy, quick and beautiful: Raffi paint’s got talent

Fresh paint! Easy, quick and beautiful: Raffi paint’s got talent

You want to transform Grandma’s favourite armchair into something completely new – or simply give your living room a new coat of paint?

You need:

  • Raffi wall paint in the colours and structures you choose
  • Raffi undercoat
  • Raffi masking tape
  • Raffi paint roller and/or universal paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Wire brush
  • Mould remover if necessary

How it’s done:
before you start painting, all surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and if necessary repaired. Surface dirt can easily be removed using a damp cloth.

Tip: all Raffi paint products are also suitable for both wood and metal items. Use a wire brush to remove rust and other contamination from metal quickly and easily.

Next, prepare the surface: after initial cleaning of the piece of furniture, you can easily see whether the remains of old paint are still present or, in the case of wood, whether cracks are visible. These traces should be completely removed by sanding. The same applies to wallpaper and fabric coverings. Now you can prepare the clean, sanded surfaces by painting with Raffi undercoat. Once the undercoat has dried completely, the surface can be lightly sanded and cleaned once more.

Tip: galvanised surfaces should be treated with zinc cleaner or household cleaner (containing ammonia solution) before the undercoat is applied.

All our paints are ready to use and only need to be thoroughly stirred before use. Use Raffi masking tape to protect areas which are not to be painted. The paint can be applied by roller or by brush; the technique used depends on the shape of the item to be painted. If painting furniture, it is usually best to use a brush. First, paint the edges and corners, then dampen the brush slightly and dip it into the paint to half its length. Apply the paint first from the top downwards, then go over it from side to side, without adding more paint to the brush. With Raffi quality paint, even beginners can achieve smooth paint coverage. After painting, wash all tools, particularly the brushes, in warm water with a little household cleaner. Lay the brushes on their sides or place with the bristles upwards to dry.

Tip: combining two different structures in one colour will give your wall an even more expressive, lively appearance.

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