Raffi tiles for the living room, bathroom and kitchen

Raffi tiles for the living room, bathroom and kitchen

In recent years, bathrooms and kitchens have developed from slightly embarrassing, functional rooms to the centre stage of personal living spaces. For a long time now, cooking has no longer taken place behind closed doors, but in the focal point of the house, where people are now also happy for guests to watch. In this “age of health” the well-kept wet area is no longer a luxury, and has long since become a “must have” for the soul. The Raffi tiles collection effectively combines design and function in both areas.

Dive in and recharge: Stylish home spa

Is your bathroom already a quiet zone or an oasis of wellness? Not yet? Then Raffi has a few ideas about how you can create a beautiful space for your private relaxation ritual. Relaxation is a very personal thing. Some people enjoy silence and a good book; others listen to loud music and need to vent energetically; while the next person needs to get out into nature.

Whether it serves as a quiet zone, an oasis of wellness, or a family spa, the bathroom has been pursuing its new calling for a long time and has come a long way from its origins as a washroom. The modern wet room aims to provide a sensory zone and intimate space where you can leave behind the troubles of everyday life and retreat to your inner world. Exactly what kind of magic this room provides, is a matter of individual lifestyle and personal taste. However, one thing is for certain: Even a bathroom requires high-quality materials, patterns, colours and beautiful accessories to help create the desired atmosphere.

A bathroom is also a space for living

Cut off from the rest of the world, let your mind relax, daydream or simply wash away anger and stress; this should happen quickly and easily if you feel good as soon as you enter the room. Grant your bath an aesthetic simplicity that has learned a lot from nature. Light, colour and use of space are little design aids with great effects. Even a small room can appear spacious with the use of a few tricks. The Raffi Tiles collection has taken all this to heart and included it in its design concept. From cream to sand, taupe and stone to clay and graphite, the colour range of the tiles focuses on warm earthy tones and combines urban industrial charm with poetry and elegance. This creates bathrooms with a modern spa character that adapts to the residents’ moods. Grey tones with brown hues, such as almond have a warm radiance; when combined with cream shades they have a classy and sensual effect. All tiles can be combined with wonderful results. A generous format (30 x 60 cm) ensures a modern flair that is artistically supported by the bamboo and drop borders.

Sense and sensibility

Whilst the rose or lily designs indulge and relax the senses, the concrete look of the dune stone tiles ensures modern ground adhesion and gives the whole environment an urban charm. With the addition of individual items made from light wood, candles and scents are all that is needed for a relaxing, sensual break. In these surroundings the element of water can take its full effect in refreshing both body and soul.

The kitchen as a meeting place

Cooking is “in”. Cooking in public under the eyes of a critical jury of experts even more so. Paired with a modern view of the private and working lives of all family members, the kitchen has developed into an open meeting point within the private living space. In the kitchen, all threads of family togetherness are woven together: Cooking, eating, talking, celebrating, laughing. And honestly, now – if our memoirs had to be written today, how many of these central stories, in which our lives changed, would take place in the kitchen? In a way, table and stove are moving closer together. And the kitchen, as a newly discovered living space, is more and more at the centre.

Design element: Tiles with a special talent in the kitchen

Chief kitchen assistants, tiles are more than ever part of the aesthetic repertoire of a beautiful kitchen, provided that these tiles know how to emphasize the atmosphere of the kitchen in a way that is elegant, practical and beautiful. For the designs of Raffi Tiles Collection: No problem. On the wall and on the floor, they provide calm and relaxing scenery for the kitchen’s life. And where the borders of architectural spaces dissolve, the large-format tiles of the “dune” and “shade” lines can conjure a unified atmosphere between the cooking island and the sofa. The new kitchen concepts are poised, extravagant, generous and visionary. The natural impression of the tile surfaces provides a stylish and beautiful platform for life in the living space that is the kitchen. For an overview of the entire collection, please visit www.raffi-tiles.de

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