Raffi tiles – Tiles exuding charisma

Raffi tiles – Tiles exuding charisma

Eyes. Hands. Passion and sensuality. Designs that allow you to feel with your eyes and see with your hands, that satisfy the longing they created. These are not necessarily the first thoughts and emotions that come to mind when thinking about ceramic tiles. However, they most definitely apply to the new collection from Raffi tiles. Each tile is the very image of sensual design, waiting for you to take it home, wanting to show you how perfectly it suits any home design.

And for me, that was the aim of the game: to create for a tiles collection for the Raffi brand that unites sensuality and modern comfort, and combines these sensations with all the strength and robust nature of ceramics.


Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach, gazing out towards the horizon as the sun is slowly swallowed by the sea. The sun seems close enough to touch, and yet is so far away that our longing disappears into the water with it. Some places have that effect on us – they kindle passion and longing. And then there are places that satisfy these emotions. In our homes, we should always find room for both. Places filled with excitement and life, and places for quiet reflection. Places with surfaces that allow us to feel with our eyes and with colours that surround us with gentle shades.

Whether you are looking to decorate a beautiful hallway, a lively kitchen for your family, or your very own wellness oasis, Raffi tiles will create a modern and comfortable look.

Discover both sides of the Raffi tiles collection: sensuality and strength.

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