Raffi wallpapers with contemporary ambitions

Raffi wallpapers with contemporary ambitions

In the past, a cactus used to be considered the ultimate pot plant for hopeless fuddy-duddies. And now? Nowadays, a cactus has become what could be termed the “hipster” amongst pot plants. It can be found at art exhibitions, lifestyle magazines and in renowned newspapers and even features in editorials, where it is described with love and affection despite all its spikiness. Wallpaper has undergone similar ups and downs in popularity. Adored in the 1960s as a decorative wall covering primarily by conservatives and subsequently forgotten and even banished, it has once again regained its position as the star of contemporary wall design. Thanks to modern production processes, today’s wallpapers precisely reflect the vision and intentions of their designers; they have even come to symbolise avant-garde design. The Raffi brand’s latest wallpaper collection openly communicates nature’s thoughts by means of gentle shades and clear lines. And it does all that using an extremely modern design language and the latest colours. Dutch designer Maarten Vrolijk translates “The Essence of Nature” into modern product design, thereby removing the boundaries between naive contemplation and artistic realisation.

Reduce everything down to the essential, but do not lose any of its poetry.

Design can be unapproachable or a display of pretentious style, and may be appreciated better in the form of an independent entity. Raffi wallpaper designs are the exact opposite. Here, the beauty of nature adapts to any style of interior and adds a touch of calm, quiet sensuality. Because a modern look also needs a soft side. Nevertheless, above all, the rose and the lily dare to show off their magnificence. Maarten Vrolijk focuses on the essential and achieves extremely contemporary patterns thanks to a reduction of the natural shapes. Yet he loses none of the poetry of these flowers but rather perfects their natural beauty with warm, soft colour combinations. These wallpapers are more than a purely decorative element. Their designs are brimming with carefree joie de vivre, which they bring to the room without overdoing it. Innovative aspects are created at the interfaces between the disciplines. Or through changes in perspective.

Roses and lilies as an expression of a beauty that highlights the new and appreciates the natural.

What appears to come about as if by accident in nature and looks so effortless actually requires a lot of strength to grow and thrive. And even though the designs “Rose”, “Lily” and “Ray” look graceful and easy-going, the contrasts between the colours create a calm and powerful atmosphere. These walls meet the trials and tribulations of life with calm. The sobriety of the designs “Bamboo” and “Drop” is gently juxtaposed by the well-balanced contrasts between the colours. Grey and white turn out to be an elegant pairing with an extremely modern approach to home interiors, whilst a warm, strong shade of brown manages to convince the pastel rose shade to make a daringly sober statement. Although not quite white, but combined with grey and gold, “Lily” communicates cool elegance with a huge portion of charm. And, of course, plain wallpapers in matching colours and with strong textures are available to go with all of these designs, like gentlemanly opposites to striking ladies. The Raffi collection bears witness to the current popularity of contemporary wallpapers. And proves most impressively that walls do not have to remain silent when it comes to highlighting those things that are important in people and in rooms. See all Raffi wallpaper designs at www.raffi-wallpaper.de.

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