Rooms with character – need strong surfaces with their own profile

Rooms with character – need strong surfaces with their own profile

A warm welcome in the entrance hall

Your home presents your attitude to life. And it begins in the entrance hall. It’s not always easy for the entrance hall to look its best: on the one hand, it should receive visitors with stylistic and aesthetic sensitivity, inviting them to stay. On the other hand, it must imaginatively organise and conceal a mass of jackets, caps, scarves, bags, keys, mobile phones and shoes, producing them again instantly when required. Sometimes, a few little tricks can help make the house entrance both homelike and practical. The first few square metres of living space are often hectically busy as the house’s inhabitants, large and small, put down their bags, hurriedly hunt for jackets and shoes or hastily stuff them back. In order to create a peaceful location for this small chaos, it is a good idea to paint all the doors off the entrance hall in the same colour as the wall. That’s no problem with Raffi paints, because they’re suitable for wood as well as walls. Another suggestion: combining different textures such as sand and satin creates an atmosphere which promises both the down-to-earth lightness of Scandinavian country house style and the elegance of modern living. Skilfully placed mirrors smuggle an illusion of size into the entrance hall and reflect the light.

The stuffy sitting room has had its day – the lively living room is today’s answer

The living room has long since lost its ‘Sunday best’ image and has become the meeting point for all situations of life, whether relaxed and robust or relaxed and sophisticated. It is often designed as a ‘landscape for lounging around’; here you can romp, laugh, argue and rest. Discreet natural colours provide a perfect setting equally suited to shabby chic and to a glamourous urban style. And if you choose to live surrounded by velvet and brocade without wanting to overdo the Baroque opulence, you can paint the walls a delicate matt rose, taupe or satin grey which let the heavy fabrics unfold their aristocratic grace while the room retains a modern lightness of touch.

Relaxation for your senses: within quiet walls

All your senses can relax and unwind in the bedroom – so the wall colours should provide a peaceful background. A floor-length window looking out onto natural surroundings adds to the calming atmosphere of the room. Depending on how you feel, you can easily create a cheerful effect with colourful bed linen, bright cushions and other accessories. Light blue with a fine sand structure is the best background for a maritime country-house effect where you can almost feel the sea breeze. Combining these shades with light furniture and a light wooden floor makes the room the perfect place to sleep and recover from the stress of everyday life.

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