Trends 2015/2016 and the Raffi paint “House of Colours” at Heimtextil

Trends 2015/2016 and the Raffi paint “House of Colours” at Heimtextil

Looking wasn’t enough. Touching wasn’t enough. Hearing wasn’t enough. This year’s trend displays at Heimtextil in Frankfurt were a “fair for the senses”. Anyone who was hoping to leave the exhibition centre with a clear but unimaginative picture of the latest interior design trends was disappointed, at least in Hall 4. The trend displays, arranged like islands, were like a motley variety show. Anything is possible. Anything goes. The development of designs featuring a wide range of different materials, shapes and colours, summarised in four chapters by way of an explanation of the Zeitgeist. According to the international trend board, the 2015/2016 soft furnishing and colour concepts follow four main rules: “Sensory”, “Mixology”, “Discovery” and “Memory”.

Experience: the new trends

In the old days, good interiors simply followed the golden rule: perfection is when everything matches, the materials all go with each other, only a few colours are used, design is dictated by function, etc.. After that, an eclectic mix of styles, flea market finds and treasures from around the world were all the rage. Today, interiors are governed by individual ideas of comfort and furnishing your home as you please. The “Sensory” trend island introduced products that appeal to our tactile and sensory perception. It featured innovative solutions such as fabrics that respond to human touch or to different lighting conditions. “Mixology”, on the other hand, is not the name of a truly new trend but refers to a fusion of different cultures and illustrates their effect on fabrics and colours. At first glance, these inspirations from around the world seem to result in a colourful jumble of spun, woven and knotted fabrics. However, closer inspection revealed many different cultural messages. The future will be brightly dressed in robes created by alchemists. Since Frankfurt, this trend is known as “Discovery”, as it illustrates the designers’ attempts to already create the look of the future today. The reflection of light plays a key role, as do woven and fulled materials whose nature does not suggest this finishing process, giving them a somewhat cosmic touch. The fourth trend picks up on people rediscovering the small things in life that they feel a close bond with, the things that make them happy. “Memory” results from remembering and revalidating already familiar elements.

Interior collages that are a sign of our time

Anything is possible. Anything goes. Those looking for reliably constant messages and values look towards a product’s brand and the designer’s signature style as an indicator of quality. The Raffi “House of Colours” was one of the most striking looking brand displays with a concept of beautiful interiors that soon convinced visitors. Fifteen earthy colours, each available in three different finishes, gathered under one roof to appeal to the senses. Raffi paint represents a unique colour concept for the entire home, which can be relied on to give any style of interior a calm and relaxing atmosphere. See for more information about the Raffi paints.

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