At first glance, nature has little to do with a modern lifestyle. Yet it supplies the most beautiful patterns for young and unusual designs. Raffi for life quietly turns small everyday items into something special. Something that you can think about or simply let into your life. Designer Maarten Vrolijk’s special relationship with nature is reflected in all of the patterns and colours.

Raffi designs always take their inspiration from nature’s examples. They make a statement that is just as unequivocal, feature details that are equally unique, and looks that are just as low-key. The patterns created by Maarten Vrolijk and his team were inspired by drops, flowers and the stars. The colours also remain in the spectrum of muted yet mysterious earthy shades. Ultimately, this results in a signature style which stands for enjoying the beautiful things in life every day. Raffi designs ordinary products that we handle, look at, and use every day with great enjoyment.

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Raffi designs everyday products that we handle, look at, and use every day. Products that are part of our lives.


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