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Combine & Create: Raffi Paint –
As beautiful as nature itself

All of the 21 colours in the Raffi wall paint palette make an impact and are powerful, yet also subtle and low key, like the role models in nature that inspired them. They will not only give you aesthetic pleasure, but also complement any room or style of interior.

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From red, green and blue to taupe, grey and beige – all of these shades add calmness, down to the smallest dash of paint, to fast-paced everyday life or to a contemporary, eclectic style mix, and all match each other beautifully. The paint’s matt finish emphasises the natural, subtle beauty of the shades.

The “Sand” finish, currently available in five shades, creates a particularly unusual effect. These paints create a surface finish that you can physically feel, and stylishly combine contemporariness with the need for cosiness.

And if you prefer classic white on your walls, rather than colour, simply choose Raffi White.

Trend Colours – Raffi paints create relaxed rooms, whatever your home style.

Shades such as grey, beige and taupe are currently setting the tone in interiors. The Raffi paint collection draws from this palette of colours par excellence, yet it also reflects other trends and colours with a touch of copper, calming shades of blue and subtle woodland and meadow greens complete the range. Whether city apartment or country house, whether modern, classic or romantic – the Raffi colour concept allows a wide range of creative designs suitable for any home style.

Matt & Sand – cool, but by no means cold.

Matt & Sand – cool, but by no means cold.

Urban style does not necessarily have to mean living in a modern loft or a converted warehouse; you can add this feeling to any space. The perfect choice are industrial style design elements such as concrete, metal, steel and solid wood, and wall colours with a cool and contemporary look that nevertheless create a calm and beautiful living space. The textured finish of the earthy Raffi “Sand” shades cream, beige, light grey, taupe, light brown and grey accentuate modern, minimalist interiors. Their clear, pure impact adds cool charm and sets the stage for a contemporary, practical lifestyle.

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Combine Raffi “Matt” and Raffi “Sand” to design walls with a fascinating feel and a striking interplay of colours, which can even be achieved simply by using a “Matt” and a “Sand” finish in the same shade. All colours in the Raffi paints range are available in a classic matt finish; their seductive charm is irresistible and complements any room.

The latest luxury: staying in

Whichever interior style you prefer, your home is the space where you live your private life and look after your personal needs. The noisier and more colourful the world around us is, the more important it becomes to offset it with a beautiful home that is a oasis of calm. It is a zone that comforts all your senses, a zone where you dream your dreams and which you sometimes also share with invited guests.

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Kitchen, bathroom & co. suit your life and have been designed according to your imagination and your favourite colours. You love old things with a history? Then you should provide them with a beautiful space. To make this easy for you, all Raffi paints can also be used on wood. In this way, the chest of drawers you found in Grandma’s attic can soon be made to match the style of your home.

And all those who enjoy a change from time to time can quickly turn contemporary and cool into elegant and cosy, or bring the Scandinavian lightness they loved so much on their last holiday home with them, or at least do so in colour terms. Treat yourself to the luxury of being yourself in whichever way you fancy.

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For Walls & Wood – Revamp your favourite piece of furniture.

For Walls & Wood – Revamp your favourite piece of furniture.

Whether rocking chair, chest of drawers or wardrobe – Raffi paints can also be used on wood and give your favourite piece of furniture a new lease of life in an instant. If you want, you can even paint your furniture and your walls in matching colours. Ensure that all furniture surfaces are free of dirt and dust. Repair and sand down, if necessary, before applying paint.

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It is important that no old paint residues are left on the furniture. Then apply the first coat of your chosen Raffi shade. Allow to dry fully, the gently sand the furniture down again before applying a second coat – done! For furniture that subject to strong wear and tear, such as chairs or tables, for example, we recommend a final coat of water-based clear varnish. Enjoy your new old piece of furniture!

You will always hit the right note in this home.

Here, we show you some ideas for combining different colours and finishes. As soon as your cursor hovers above a colour field, the number of the respective shade is displayed. All 21 colour shades can be combined with each other.

house Raffi 001 Sand Raffi 025 Raffi 021 Raffi 049 Raffi 032 Raffi 017 Raffi 061 Raffi 046 Raffi 001 Matt Raffi 054 Raffi 020 Raffi 020 Matt Raffi 059 Matt Raffi 025 Matt Raffi 030 Raffi 033 Raffi 033 Matt Raffi 012 Matt Raffi 032 Matt Raffi 042 Raffi 001 Matt Raffi 014 Raffi 009 Matt Raffi 064 Matt Raffi 064 Raffi 001 Raffi White Raffi 070 Raffi 027 Raffi 009 Raffi 009 Matt Raffi 059 Raffi 012 matt Raffi 012 Sand Raffi 012 Raffi 064 Matt Raffi 009 Sand