The brand has a special affinity with nature. And with people. The result of this symbiosis is a range of simply beautiful products with a contemporary, streamlined design. Interior design products and everyday accessories are marketed under this label. Please see our current press releases for further information. Please contact us directly if you have a particular question or would like some images.



New: The collection of colours has only been on the market since January 2015 and features appealing, muted earthy shades. Each shade is available in three different finishes. Natural, beautiful colours for any interior style.



Paint and wallpaper are two options for decorating your walls. As of now, Raffi is offering a third option with its new walldeco range. It consists of wall and ceiling mouldings, cornicing and coving. Whether straight, curved with 3D effects or in the form of stucco ornaments, different types of mouldings are emerging as the perfect addition to paint and wallpapers, completing the triplet of contemporary wall design.



In the past few years, wallpapers have reclaimed their place as a style and design element. The wallpapers in this collection translate the beauty of nature into contemporary designs in a stylish, sensual way.



An elegant bathroom with a spa atmosphere is a luxurious treat for body and soul; this atmosphere can be achieved quickly with the right tiles. The Meissen Keramik GmbH ceramics factory has translated the Raffi brand philosophy into a unique tile collection. The result: wall and floor tiles that are elegant and also as graceful as nature.



Wooden floors and tiles welcome it, a contemporary interior feels bare without it and it loves looking good. We are talking about a beautiful rug, which can either blend in with the desired ambience or stand out as a decorative accent piece.